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About Lifefundo!

Lifefundo is a marketplace for life settlement policies

Lately, since the interest in life settlement has increased tremendously, there are tons of options to invest viably in the most stable asset class in the market right now. Considering its growing demand from investors, we have created a common ground where both policyholders and potential investors can join hands and benefit from each other.

Profitable & Successful Investments

We help clients to work with money 5 years.

Life settlement policies weren’t considered as legitimate investment options until a few years ago. Consequently, there are substantially less risks involved when compared to its counterpart assets that posses a lot of internal and external factors on growth.

At LifeFundo,we recognize the importance of providing a variety of products. We have something for everyone,whether a short-term or a long-term plan,within a strict budget or a strong financial plan,we will deliver everything one requires considering all life settlement investment options.

Associating with us will enable you to access what most players do not possess in the market right now. Being relatively new and explicitly growth worthy, it is the perfect time to get your hands on the Life settlement field and who better than us to do it with.

We, at LifeFundo, understand Life Settlement policies thoroughly. We are a dedicated team of niche experts. Every plan or policy we deal with is examined carefully for it’s market and face value in order to provide the best offers to consumers.


Our conventional investment streams are dependent on global trends and economic shifts. What we wish to do is develop a new investment stream for individuals and institutional investors alike.


Life Settlement Values

The industry stages at $6.4B

Successful Investments

Long Term gains and profits

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Market-leading experience

We are here to ease the financial obstacles

The choice is in your hands: Where do you go to get an advice and where you purchase products?

Innovative Solutions

Our innovative accounting solutions give an effective way to achieve all your requirements.

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Advanced technicians assuring all business records are accurate and reliable.

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Delivering reliable and efficient services in both local and international at the correct time.

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